Fistula !

by Big Block 454

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Music from the film "Fistula !"

Big Block 454 are:
Colin Robinson, Pete Scullion, Alex Stone and Mark Joell.

Vocal interjections by Pete Scullion, Mark Joell, Les Howarth, Melissa Sinden Gray, Natasha Robinson, Mike Pullicino, Rob Wenn, Alex Stone and Colin Robinson.

To: Governor Hymnen Kontakte VCS3,
Broadmoor Annexe for the Differently Talented

From: Special Investigator Axel Snote
Re: Capt. Robinson

Having spent many hours with the Captain, and having listened at length to his half-insane ramblings, I have reached certain conclusions which - and I wish to God there were a less dramatic way to put this - suggest that humanity faces a peril in the face of which all others pale into insignificance.

What the Captain and his unhappy band found in those desolate wastes will, I pray, remain obscured by the terrible shifting blankets of ice in that ill-begotten realm. But what I have gathered from the few fragments of sense the Captain has uttered amongst the hideous glottal glossolalia which issues from his tortured throat chills me to the very bone. He has spoken of the Young With The Thousand Goatees, forgotten killing sounds from the obscene urethra-flutes of the Gnaiai, waveforms whose touch is instant whip, the snot-nosed whelps of the Manatee-who-is-not-there, palpable shadows obscuring shapes too disgusting to contemplate (these I had him draw for me).

Most terrible of all, he has described the Peeper Through The Window Of Time, and of this I may not write. But suffice it to say that it is everything and nothing, tiny coils of gleet swirling inevitably in the honking void, the whooping sound of the locusts of T'Taa. It resembles shadows on curtains, like those flickering balefully as I write; it sounds like branches tapping on the that, hear it? And again! Surely it can not have followed me here..... (There the message ended. Of Axel Snote there was no trace, save for two pieces of cerebellum which had scurried beneath a chair...)

Notes from film director Les Howarth:
"Fistula !" was a Lovecraft/valvepunk film. The plot involved a mission to discover the true fate of the 1930's Antarctic expedition, shadowy meta-science organisations mind probes and dangerous aetheric vibrations from dark dimensions - transmitted though music that would warp the mind, body and soul of an audience.
The Nova Mancunium and Neo Salford environment was a retro-modern industrial revolution city on a grand scale. Victorian skyscrapers. No jet engines but rocket shuttles and monorails are in everyday use. Information tech is advanced - communications networks do the work of face to face business across continents instead of jet-travel.


released January 1, 1999



all rights reserved


Big Block 454 Hebden Bridge, UK

Since the late 80s, Big Block 454 has been making exploratory, highly individual music that encompasses rock, funk, electronica, folk music, Dadaist collage and much more besides.
Each band member is a multi-instrumentalist, but Big Block 454’s approach also encompasses the creation of sound on instruments they don’t know how to play, and those that hadn’t been invented before the band made them.
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