Their coats flapped like God's chops

by Big Block 454

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Big Block 454 are Colin Robinson, Mark Joell and Alex Stone with Pete Scullion and Robert Shaw (and Neil Newsome on 'Eggbound').
Thanks to Lisa Murray for lyrics and background information on 'Pomeranian Bullcat'.

Review by Torodd Fuglesteg for Prog Archives:

"put your dance shoes on and either stream or download this album. Or you can just listen to this album and wonder if there is anything left on this planet you have not heard. In any case; Their Coats Flapped Like God’s Chops is a superb album where most songs and experiments comes off with flying lamb chops."

Review by Dermo (of Northside) on the Manchester is Music website:

How can you not love a band who have a member whose role is for ‘funny handshakes’ ha ha I love it. Their sound is ‘like waking up in a toy shop and tin soldiers, jack in the box and clowns are all on acid, laughing and coming at you, aaarrrhhhh.’ If I could describe my dreams set to music, then BB 454 are it. Answers Come In Dreams ay ha ha.

They have mad little sayings and genius lyrics that rubber cartoons, robots and bank robbers would be proud of. I hear choirboys and mad monks discussing the grand national while a posh twin signs on ha ha. Defo a case of ‘Sing LSD’ Throw into the mix, Michael Bentine’s Potty Time, Boards Of Canada,Tenacious D, Beck and Zappa. This band rule! Just have a listen to ‘Cheetham Hill To Miles Platting By Hovercraft’ and the fantastic ‘Hull Is Full Of Grubby Slappers’ and dare to keep a straight face. Even in the eye of the storm they’ve still got a professionalism that I admire... In their own words they sound like ‘Wonky Bingo’


released November 1, 2004

All compositions Robinson/Joell/Stone



all rights reserved


Big Block 454 Hebden Bridge, UK

Since the late 80s, Big Block 454 has been making exploratory, highly individual music that encompasses rock, funk, electronica, folk music, Dadaist collage and much more besides.
Each band member is a multi-instrumentalist, but Big Block 454’s approach also encompasses the creation of sound on instruments they don’t know how to play, and those that hadn’t been invented before the band made them.
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Track Name: Eat Your Greens, Mr. EGG
Square clothes, calloused leg
An appliance of Smeg
He begged
The recidivist yegg
An honest dreg
Drank tea from a nine-gallon keg
Beg / Don’t Beg

Eat Your Greens, Mr. EGG
Track Name: William Henry Perkin accidentally invents mauve / One Free Hand
See clearly through the water, river shadows
See clearly through the water, river shadows
With one free hand, I let them go
With one free hand, I let them go
Track Name: The uses of literacy
The sign by the reservoir read:
“Danger, machines moving underwater.”
It was a hot day, the water looked so cool.
I was too far from shore when the rumbling began.
Track Name: Hull is full of grubby slappers
(Burning my pyjamas with a kerosene gun)
I saw an angel
(40 grubby slappers with a bellyful of fun)
but I was thwarted
The signs and sigils
couldn’t get me closer
Now I’m drinking absence
with heavy water
Don’t point the finger

There’s an angel to pay on the Clive Sullivan Way
There’s an angel to pay

Where are the powers,
thrones and dominions
The nine bright shiners
and the April rainers
There’s no sign of action
in the pleroma
The sky is empty

There’s an angel to pay on the Clive Sullivan Way
There’s an angel to pay
Track Name: Roses
Dark on the valley floor
winter animals are abroad
I saw the shape of a woman
whose body was made of roses
in a blaze of light
And the owls all said
“You can never go back now.
You can never go back.”

Frozen in a moment’s glance
secret messages of the heart
Like wings beating hard in the darkness
the sharpness of the memory
and a blinding light
Like the story said
“You can never go back now.
You can never go back.”
Track Name: Cheetham Hill to Miles Platting (by hovercraft)
One fine day, whilst taking a turnip for a stroll down Kumquat Lane, I met this bloke.
His voice dripped with the languid sparkle of capricious humour.
“I’ve just bought these trousers from the Pound Shop” he announced triumphantly.
“Cotton underpants, nylon trousers” he giggled, whilst bending over backwards and clutching his sides in some vain but humorous attempt to explain the strange red pustules at the top of his thighs.
“Cotton underpants, nylon trousers” he shrieked acronymically, pointing his shrivelled yellow forefinger at my drippy, sweaty fivehead, whilst sprinkling dried pommelled rye flakes over the oozing, pustulating uvatae
“Cotton underpants, nylon trousers” he bleated a final time, before sheepishly recommencing upon his journey from Cheetham Hill to Miles Platting – by hovercraft.
Track Name: Corporal Cloud
Corporal Cloud had been crying again
One more day in the Republic of Rain
Track Name: Eggbound
What they say in the night
is so different from the day
How do we know?
Either way, they must be eggbound
Track Name: The Republic of Rain
Now it’s gonna rain and I am driving through the dark again
Now it’s gonna rain and I am sleeping in the car again

Now it’s gonna rain and I am digging in the soil again
Now it’s gonna rain and I am kissing my best girl again

Oh, I love the rain, I love the rain, I love the rain
Let it come down, I love the rain, I love the rain
I love the rain.
Track Name: My porcine waste of time
They started the process, they carved up the host
They smothered poor Jenny in dripping and toast
The carpenter with horse head in garter and hose
stole from the bedroom; the window was closed

Cure me in your brine
My porcine waste of time

Never stroke the panther, it shrinks from your touch
Don’t feed the swineherd, he likes it too much
Jenny in the treehouse is counting her wheels
Scoured like a pigskin, the carpenter squeals

Cure me in your brine
My porcine waste of time
Track Name: Horse Stare
The horses are staring, they know what I'm wearing.
I wish I was backwards.
Track Name: Vanilla overcoat
The cats are all inside, you’re talking in your sleep
Wind rocks the house, like we’re miles out to sea
In our pea-green boat, wrapped in your overcoat,
vanilla-scented skin, honeysuckle throat

Let’s just stay here, we might not be missed
Put the past in boxes, put the boxes on the fire

It’s enough that you are here, with your arm across my chest
Breathing warm vanilla, forget about the rest

And sleep forever in the waves
And sleep forever in the waves