I Changed My Dentist​.​.​. I Changed Him Into A Horse

by Big Block 454

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Produced by Big Block 454.
All tracks recorded in BB3F Studios, Manchester, between 1992 and 1995.

Released on cassette (bb3f #21) in 1995 and on CD (bb3f #41) in 1998.

Big Block 454 are:
Colin Robinson & Pete Scullion (computers, electronic/acoustic/home-made instruments, found sounds, vocals)
Les Howarth (digital media and graphics)
Liam Robinson (voice, track 9)
Natasha Robinson (voice, track 16)
Paul Smith (tenor sax, track 17)
Gareth Jones (story about Bramhope Tunnel, track 19)
Other outbursts by Rob Wenn, Richard Bond and Melissa Sinden.

"I’ve listened to so many albums now by this ridiculously prolific act/ man, that I’m starting to feel as though it’s normal; it is in fact extremely strange… By turns humorous, political, absurd, profound, innovatory, moving and fascinating, this is yet another superb album from the brain of a little known maverick genius." - Oliver Arditi oliverarditi.tumblr.com/post/35420846683/my-music-on-heavy-rotation-up-to-november-10


released December 1, 1995

All music and lyrics by Robinson / Scullion.



all rights reserved


Big Block 454 Hebden Bridge, UK

Since the late 80s, Big Block 454 has been making exploratory, highly individual music that encompasses rock, funk, electronica, folk music, Dadaist collage and much more besides.
Each band member is a multi-instrumentalist, but Big Block 454’s approach also encompasses the creation of sound on instruments they don’t know how to play, and those that hadn’t been invented before the band made them.
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Track Name: We Want Your Minds
Twenty four hours a day
Listen to me, I have nothing to say,
but give me time to say it

We want your minds
We want your minds
Track Name: Throb
Form an orderly queue,
don't shuffle in line.
Keep your hands where we can see them,
down by design.
Curry the scapegoat,
wash on a whim.
Whoever's left standing,
we'll trust him.

Getting out of bed
puts such a strain on things,
a garden wife / a garden life,
the consequence of meaning.
One day at a time,
Sweet Jesus, the sublime.
If you only knew what I do.

I had to come,
'cos I had to find out,
a spit and a snarl,
and a lingering doubt.
Track Name: Cold Meat And How To Disguise It
Cold meat,
scratching your skin.
I'm a fly on your wall,
let me in.

Hairs in the plughole,
grease on your chin.
I'm a fly on your wall,
let me in.

Cold meat,
cold skin.
I'm a fly on your wall,
let me in.
Track Name: Vector Analysis Can Be Fun
This room is 10 foot long by 15 wide.
There's room for you and me inside.
My friend lives in an adjacent street.
My room is higher than his, by 2 feet.
Track Name: Ale & Cakes
Ale & Cakes
Ale & Cakes
Ale & Cakes
Boiling Water
Ale & Cakes
Boiling Water
Ale & Cakes
Boiling Water
Track Name: How Your Daily Newspaper Is Produced
paper / stone / paper
paper / stone / paper
paper / stone / paper
paper / stone / paper
scissors ?
Track Name: 17-Day Shirt
Strange travelling companions,
an accumulation of dirt,
two weeks without a toothbrush,
a 17-day shirt.

Strange travelling companions,
an accumulation of dirt,
two weeks without a toothbrush.
Track Name: Learnéd Bride Thrice Fools Bridegroom
Sun, sea, sand and bathroom suites,
stolen car plus poorly dog.
I know the value of sport,
a cheap and shoddy job.

Picnic table for the car,
attic into bed-sit room,
ideas from other people's homes,
scatter-cushions strewn.
Track Name: I Changed My Dentist
I changed my Dentist.
I changed him into a Horse.